Improve Performance

  • Align projects and processes to objectives
  • Get everyone focussed
  • Implement appropriate metrics

Enhance Governance

  • Benefits from improved control processes
  • Measure what matters
  • Identify and manage real risks

Executive Support

  • Create more thinking capacity
  • Understand key issues better
  • Build clear road maps 

Our Experience. Your Success.

Companies hire Extraordinary Minds Consulting to help understand ...

- IT Governance. We have developed solid offering around King 3 audit frameworks and standards and IT governance in general by bringing on board a number of partners with niche expertise. We anticipate this to be a key focus area for organisations during 2010. We have a top Associate on board to assist your organisation with ensuring suitable practices are in place.

- CIO Support. We have developed a number of very exciting CIO Support offerings. From a 2-hour "help me think" session all the way to our Foundation programme that is presented in conjunction with Gartner. The programmes are run by experienced former CIOs who really have a good feel for the day-to-day challenges facing CIOs and have the ability to add material value for CIOs at all levels.

- Performance Management. We have opened up a partnership with a leading global firm that has developed a very powerful solution set to support Governments, enterprises and IT organisations with implementing performance management practices that help clarify goals through every level of the organisation and then supports the reporting of such through a series of value adding dashboards.

- Corporate Travel Procurement. Very strong experience in the travel industry and we are busy working with some partners to potentially reduce the cost of corporate travel by between 5-15% using an innovative approach.

- Change Management. Change management has traditionally been associated with IT projects but more recently has been recognised as one of the most important tools in ensuring that your business strategy is properly understood by employees throughout the organisation. One of our new Associates is well experienced in this field and can unlock significant value to ensure an aligned organisation.

Contact us today to set up a session to explore how we can help you unlock business value using our experienced Associates and Partnerships.

 How can we help?

At Extraordinary Minds we believe that the whole is always made up of parts. The biggest challenges and problems can be broken into bite size chunks ... if we allow time to think, analyse and reorder big issues into the tangible parts, there's always a way forward.

Extraordinary Minds is a value-based consulting business that brings a wealth of experience and skill to the coal face. We thrive on unstructured problems, we love challenges and we pride ourselves on adding value. Most of all we like to be practical and help realise and unlock true business value for our clients.

Do you recognize any of the following in your organization?

- Projects behind schedule and in trouble

- A big vision & not enough time to drive it forward

- Ineffective delivery area & need an objective review

- Not enough capacity to help keep tricky projects on track

- Need to structure a big project for success