About Us

Extraordinary Minds is a collective of experienced Associates in the field of delivering business strategies through leveraging of technology solutions. We are very focussed on capitalizing on our own strengths as well as that of our proven partners in specialist areas. Most organizations are very focussed on day-today management and often lack sufficient time to properly consider how to go about realising key business strategies. Extraordinary Minds as an objective participant is positioned to supplement this capacity.

Our criteria for Associates, Partners and Staff are as follows:

- Minumum of 15 years practical experience at management level

- Proven track record (all of our Senior Associates have performed as CIOs for major companies)

- Experience in dealing with senior executives and projects at strategic level

- Experience in defining, mobilising and leading significant programmes or projects

We are therefore well experienced to engage as follows:

- Strategic capacity (additional strategic capacity either in interim management roles or as advisors)

- Strategy realisation (assistance with structuring projects for delivery)

- Consulting assignment (compiling strategies for key areas that can leverage customer and technology solutions)


Extraordinary Minds is based on the premise of Experience and Independence. An experienced and independent view is not belaboured with corporate dynamics, it is not threatening and as such has the benefit of objectivity. We aim to add value by assisting with finding solutions that best utilize existing corporate investments and by identifying technologies, solutions and partners who are best of breed in their respective fields.

We have relationships with several partners with extraordinary track records in their respective fields and will structure delivery teams around the top skills. If we do not have such, we cannot deliver and we do not engage. Our Extraordinary partners can assist in the following areas:

- Microsoft .Net Development (have developed highly successful e-commerce platforms)

- CRM Solutions (they think like your customers - enough said)

- Project Operations & Governance (if it's not on track, they'll know it)

- IT Operations Management (Executive Level experience to get your IT Ops processes back on track)