Talent Corner

We have a number of Extraordinary Minds in our network that are available for challenging assignments.
Each of these individuals have been handpicked and come highly recommended.
We do not carry an extended list of CV's or candidates, we only represent people we believe in.
Give us a call today if you can use someone to make a real difference.
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IT Governance Leader

A strong candidate with a very solid background in IT Governance. Responsible for leading the IT Governance team at a large company, he has the ability to work independently. If you are looking for assistance to help understand the implications of King 3, review the current IT Governance framework and develop a roadmap for implementation, he will be of value.

Project Manager (EE)

A young project manager that comes highly recommended. He made his way through the ranks on merit having started as a developer, then progressed to business analysis and today plays the role of trusted project manager. He has worked in a wide range of clients in both government as well as private sector. Highly recommended!

IT Leader A senior IT leader looking for new challenges. He has a solid track record having served on the Exco of his company and having delivered several successful IT initiatives. He is well experienced in operations management, business continuity planning and service level management. A reliable and high performing individual he'll be an asset to your team.
IT Governance Consultant Top candidate with post-degree qualifications, has served in executive level roles and has several years of management consulting experience. Ideal person to come and help drive some key strategies around business improvement, IT governance, project offices and structuring complex project for success. He's used to working on his own and will bring the necessary creativity and diligence to complement the existing team.

Change Agent

A rare breed. Intelligent, wise beyond his years and passionate about change management. Get on top of the change management challenge once and for all. He brings a rare insight & understanding to the topic, he will ensure that projects are aligned with strategies, that people skills are appropriate to support the strategies and that implications are understood throughout. When he's done you'll be properly organised.