Why you need a teenager in your boardroom

Young people bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas, challenge institutional thinking, tell it like it is

Not just about governance and due process but calling people and ideas out for the truth, they have nothing to win or lose, honesty has no consequence

Bring insights to modern day living, the needs of consumers, especially younger consumers. What problem will such a step solve? Bringing perspective to potential outdated thinking. Why no just involve them in a focus group by market researchers? Because the boardroom is the place where the new thinking is required in its raw form.

Why 16 year old? They are old enough to drive, to make responsible decisions, to graduate, etc. They have experience of old school thinking from their parents, teachers, society. They may be young but they have somethign to bring to the table.

How does this work practically? Formal election, fiduciary duties, piles of documentation, meeting formalities, etc associated with boards. Don’t know but it’s exploring???

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