Webinar. Digital Transformation post Covid-19

The power oif puting peopl onto a couch and interviewing then like on a TV Talk Show. Confidence, team spirit, ownership, special occastion. Extra meaning if its a live broadcast and strenmed webinar. People take pride, dress, up prepare, put forwatrd their best face. Showcase themselves and their teams. Give them every chance of success, […]

Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution a Red Herring?

A new industrial revolution or just normal technology evolution? What is true is that the speed to technology change is increasing. Is it however true that its a revolution or is this just a convenient term for many to use to justify why they have fallen behind the technology curve. Corporate life, meetings, etc taking […]

Why executives should hire a recent graduate assistant.

Because a recent graduate understands work ethic, working optimally to achieve goals, understand the implications of missing deadlines, can produce quality work under pressure, aren’t yet set in bad culture, are smart and eager to please. Executives have become set in ways, a fresh hard worker, keen to impress will shake the foundation.

Who are you really when you peel away the corporate persona?

Behind every fake persona is just another notmal person. Who are you ahen you get to the office? Do you put on the mask and skin of a perceived executive persona or do you remain who you are. Remain true to who you are. You were good enough to get where you are being yourself. […]

Why IT teams should first help build an airport before hitting a keyboard.

Because then they will understand how large complex projects are planned in detail, what critical time schedules matter, that even the most complex projects are broken into biet size chunks. They will learn how agile works on a micro level but not so easy on a macro level. The power of overall planning with daily […]

Why you need a teenager in your boardroom

Young people bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas, challenge institutional thinking, tell it like it is Not just about governance and due process but calling people and ideas out for the truth, they have nothing to win or lose, honesty has no consequence Bring insights to modern day living, the needs of consumers, especially younger consumers. What […]